Dental implants are titanium Screws placed in the bone either the lower or upper jaw. They actually make up the root of the tooth and as such they use mounts for crowns, bridges or dentures. Here are shown three common problems and how they can be effectively resolved.

  • Preparation before surgery
    Preoperative evaluation is based on clinical examination and orthopan recording (recording all teeth).
  • Flow intervention
    The surgery is performed under local anesthesia. Section through the right to access bone tissue, and specially designed instruments to provide the implant that put in bone Impact sockets. The size and thickness of the implant depends of the bone tissue. After the implant treatment of wounds in the gums shall enjoy the surgical thread and stitches are removed after seven days.

    Three months after implant placement under local anesthesia eliminates the right part that covers the implant over each implant separately, and then make an impression to be sent to a lab. The implants are put metal parts (superstructure) which compensate the coronal part of the tooth.

    Made prosthetics (bridge) is cemented to set superstructure.

  • Additional Information
    After implant placement there is a slight island tissue and the pain that the patient controls using drugs painkillers and cold pads.

    After setting superstructures are possible slight pain and discomfort due to the adaptation right around the superstructure.

Missing tooth and its root. A dental implant and ceramic crown becoming his permanent replacement.


The lack of teeth. Most fixed prosthetic implant has an optimum strength and stability.


Totally excluded. The implants provide the support and stability for mounting circular bridge.