Children’s Dentistry

It is very important that you first visit your child to the dentist is positive. You, as a parent, you play a big role in creating a positive atmosphere.

Several councils that first visit runs smoothly:

  • Tell the child about visiting the dentist, but does not go into detail. Answer the questions briefly, as simple as possible. Let the dentist answer the questions about the instruments in the surgery, procedure, or anything in which you are unsure. Most dentists know how to explain to children in an encouraging way, what will be done in the office.
  • Not telling the child that it would be something ache.
  • Not speak to the child about his bad and painful experiences at the dentist.
  • Emphasize your child how important it is to maintain healthy teeth and gums and the dentist’s job to help you and him in it.
  • Not promise a child something that the dentist will not be able to maintain.

The first visit should be short. The aim is to give your child an opportunity to meet with the doctor’s office, dentist and a friendly, non-intimidating way.

During the visit the dentist will:

  • Good review teeth.
  • Examine gums and oral cavity due to any illness or other problems.
  • Check the bite of a child.
  • Show you how to properly clean the child’s teeth and gums.
  • Discuss the possible need for applying fluoride in your child.
Children’s Dentistry